Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Corona Virus Will It Be 14 Monkeys or Resident Evil

Take your pic. I am hoping it's essentially much ado about nothing but China reportedly has been taking drastic measures, such as to quarantine the infected area among other things (over 41 million people in quarantine - source). This made me almost immediately suspect that a bio-weapon was the culprit virus. Then I learned that Wuhan within 20 miles of a bio-weapons biological facility (source); if it is then I am more convinced I may be right that a bio-weapon has gotten out.

In addition, it has been reported as being a 'new little known corona virus'. Such could have been a natural occurrence but also could be the result of a bio-weapons program. Regardless of its origin, I think the world may be in trouble as in 14 Monkeys or Resident Evil (as far as an outbreak not the zombies or monsters) but I certainly hope not; yet, what the Chinese have been reported as doing to corral this virus makes me think the worst. Additionally they are building at least one new and very large hospital (source) as a direct result of this outbreak. I mean they certainly are doing an awful lot more than they would do for the flu - aren't they!

It's not only the actions of the Chinese that are of concern in this brewing epidemic. The U.S. has also initiated drastic actions and plans to evacuate all U.S. citizens from the stricken area. More here. This just adds to my suspicions that the current outbreak is more serious than they are letting us know directly. As for them bringing back folks who are potentially infected with a deadly bio-agent - just try to remember it is the government that's doing it and yes the government is that screwed up that it would put the rest of the nation at risk to do the politically correct thing like evacuate citizens in the face of an epidemic and thus potentially cause a pandemic.

The outbreak has spread to 29 of 31 provinces (source) in China and to many other countries as well. One thing which is a possible bright ray of sunshine is that the virus is supposedly not as deadly as the flu or SARS. That may be all well and good if the Chinese are reporting accurately; however, the drastic actions they are undertaking seem to quite possibly indicate otherwise. If this is a bio-weapon - imagine if you will - initial infections seeming to be of flu like severity or less, then at a later date those who were infected become ill again with deadly result. Yeah, I know, its just imagination on my part right now but why is China taking the extreme measure they have been taking to try to control the outbreak if indeed the virus is as "mild" as claimed.

I think I need to stock up on medical supplies - alcohol being number one on the list. By the way, if you are lacking medical supplies, you may want to get them now, shortages of respiratory type face-masks have already been reported (source) in some parts of the country. Stay healthy my friends.

Edited To Add: Well, not 10 minutes at most after I hit enter to post the above, I was made aware of this article. If what it says in this is true and correct - we are in big trouble. They are now claiming an 83% infection rate and a now 15% death rate due to this virus. This actually could be TEOTWAWKI! Be prepared as best you can.

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riverrider said...

oh don't worry the cdc has it all under control, lol....my guy in china concurs with your source. its bad. and they fired and arrested a researcher at the Wuhan bio lab, which has been known as a cover for china's bio weapons development.