Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Real Man Versus Wussy

I don't know that President Trump actually used the word bitch but the implication was certainly there. Undoubtedly, the way he approached and handled it was much better than the way Obummer President Obama did it with bin laden. Obummer President Obama gave bin laden a burial at sea to not piss of the Islamists! Amazing how Obummer President Obama bowed to just about anyone in the world except to the citizenry of the US of A. On the other hand, President Trump has made it clear - he is out to get not just this leader but to destroy ISIS.

Then there is this difference between Obama and Trump - the "I" factor - just listen to how many times in this speech, about killing bin laden, Obama takes credit by sayin 'I did this' or 'I did that':

Obummer President Obama essentially said "I" got bin laden and said it that way more than once. That 'I did it thing' was his way of claiming credit for almost everything that just about anyone else in his administration did that he thought deserved credit. Of course, he gave that credit only, or the great majority of times, to himself. 

Now listen to the difference when a real man gives credit:


While President Trump takes credit for the economy (and so he should) I do not think I have heard President Trump ever repeatedly touting 'I' (as in how he) got this bum but rather has been giving credit to our military as he well should do. yes, he did repeatedly say this demon was one of his priorities but the credit he gave was to us, we, the USA our military and so on.

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