Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Good Leftists Have Shared Their View

Yeah right! Just in case you think that was a Photoshop job, click here for more info about that sign. The screwballs on the left seemingly are the most hateful and violence espousing people on the planet.
All the best,
Glenn B


Johnny said...

With all due respect, why do we need assault rifles? I'm a lifelong gun owner and collector but after this last shooting deal, I don't really see a need for dipshits like the piece of trash in Florida to even think about looking at an assault rifle.

I've read several posts on this blog and I think its pretty well thought out. I'm not a troll or a leftist or a commie, just guy who supports the first and second amendments but feels like people should not have access to anti-personnel weapons like the ones used in Vegas and Florida. What can you tell me about the assault rifle debate?


Glenn B said...

If you really have read my blog, then you know my stance on the RKBA. The guy in FL did not use an assault rifle (except for a rifle made into an assault rifle under the premise of law by leftists (politicians)since there is no modern army that use a semi-auto as an assault weapon).

To put it briefly though, we need assault rifles, real ones, and whatever else we want with which to arm ourselves to assure the government stays in line with the Constitution and to assure we can have the ability to overthrow the government should it ignore the Constitution and become tyrannical- thus the reason for the 2nd Amendment. If you have not noticed, your Constitutional rights have been restricted more and more each time more gun control goes into effect and note tat I am referring to all of those rights not merely the RKBA. Once the government has control over enough of our weapons, if not all of them, this country and its Constitution will change into an unrecognizable tyranny.