Friday, January 11, 2013

Is It Time For NRA Members To Spend Their Money Elsewhere

I am an NRA life member. I paid for a life membership for my on too. I was proud to be a member of the NRA but not any longer. Why not? In the face of calls for the destruction of our Right To Keep and Bear Arms in the aftermath of the murders of school children in CT, what has the NRA done? They promised to make a meaningful contribution, but to what - was it to more gun control by way of arming more government workers? They recommended ceding more power to a special group by arming them as opposed to arming regular citizens. What special Group - Armed Security Guards. They who in effect would be an outreach of government in that they would either be hired by or contracted by local, county, state and probably even the federal government as specialists to protect school children and it is likely they also would have to be licensed by government. All the while when armed school teachers and armed custodians and armed gym instructors and armed clerks and armed parents would have been the better solution but the NRA cedes the ability f the armed citizen to the armed guard! That proposal was disgraceful.

What else have they done. They implicitly called for the restriction of the rights of groups that utilize another right, that of free speech - the video and entertainment insudtries. Shame on them for implying that a ban of games that include violence be banned. Isn't that in essence the same as calling for a ban on guns. From what I understand, they also promised the Obama Administration that they would do something meaningful along the lines of gun control. Not along the lines of protecting our RKBA or the Bill of Rights or the Constitution but along the lines of gun control. They have also met with Vice president Biden - big deal What do they expect to accomplish by talking with Biden. he is even more liberal than Obama in my estimation. What was the result of the meeting, the media reporting that the NRA is against the administration's proposals for more gun control - whoopee! It is time for the NRA to truly rally its membership and accomplish something because the politicians and the res of America will listen to the united voices of that membership.

So, why is the NRA not calling for the protection of that right with all of its might and all the strength of a united membership behind it? Remember, the NRA mouthpieces, the ones who beg for you money while seemingly pretending to stand for that right (the only one that protects all of our other rights) seemingly are doing little to nothing effective to protect the RKBA, at least from what I can see! Why is that?

Why is the NRA not calling for us to exercise other rights to support our RKBA and to do so in mass. The NRA has many, many members and support for the NRA has been on the rise. Why are they not organizing us to march on Washington. not with the intent to revolt but with the intent to show our strength and that a revolution may be imminent should the federal or state governments attempt any further subjugation of our rights and destruction of our economy? I am calling for the NRA to do it, I am demanding they do it it - I am telling the NRA to get it done and get it done by next month at the latest or we are going to lose the RKBA and all of the others along with it.

I would guess, more than two men, maybe at at least that thousands if not tens of thousands of other NRA members are calling for the NRA to do likewise and to make American stand up and notice that we, the law abiding firearms owners in this country and our firearms no matter what type, are not the problem. The fact is that gun sales have skyrocketed over the past 2 months. If I had a pulpit that has power of that of the NRA - I would be demanding that the NRA membership (made up of armed, law abiding citizens of these United States) march on Washington, DC to the Capitol Building and to the White House to demand that the Obama Administration cease and desist from infringement of our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. I would demand it be done by early next month. But since the NRA apparently is not going to do it, and since it looks to me as if they have tucked their tails between their legs, I am beginning to think they are not worth another penny of my hard earned money to support their pansy assed policies of speaking loudly and carrying a small stick.

The time is right,
Glenn B