Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If I Remain Within NYS And Do Nothing - I Will Become A Felon!

That is the way the latest gun control legislation has been written and passed in New York State. I was a legal firearms owner one day and now if I do absolutely nothing, in the time spans provided for under the new law, I will be guilty of both misdemeanors and felonies (of course, if convicted). I do not think I am long to remain a resident of the Empire State. How appropriate a name for it, isn't it? It would be more apropos if one added a single word before Empire - either Evil or Dark.

Anyone who resides in the following states, please give me some feedback about the overall political climate in your state: KY, LA, FL, IN, WV, TX, OH and PA. I am considering relocating to one of them. I would prefer one closer to NY but since PA has a pretty miserable score, on the Brady Campaign 2011 State Scorecards, I am leaning elsewhere. In other words, PA has a fairly high score indicating, as far as I am concerned, that they have too much gun control. KY and LA, on the other hand, have the lowest possible scores other than zero and that indicates gun friendly states from what I can see. So, I am interested to find out the general political climate in each of these states because I do not want to relocate to a state that may be heading toward becoming another NY, NJ, MD, MA or CA within a few years and also that is not a state that is gun friendly yet very liberal on almost everything else - like VT.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...


Our governor caught grief(from the mainstream media) for shooting a coyote.

Our Attorney General has sued the federal government 23 times, threatened to sue Travis county if they prohibited gun shows, threatened to (and probably will ) sue over the recent executive orders.

A State Representative has threatened to bring Obama up on impeachment if he over reaches.

If you stay away from the liberal havens (Austin, Inner Houston, Dallas, etc) the political environment is very conservative. No state income tax - but sale tax is around 8.25% or so.

Housing held value fairly well with just a little decrease; hardest hit areas, those trend zip codes everyone has to be in.

Kansas Scout said...

Just do it! you need to leave that place. I know it's hard to leave the place that has always been home but freedom tastes and breaths GOOD! Kansas is a great place too. Missouri is good too. The Ozarks is a great place to be. geterdone!