Monday, October 22, 2012

I Would Hvae Expected A Bigger Crowd... attend a speech by Sandra Fluke than the ten (10) people who showed up to listen to her in northern Nevada. Why? Because I would guess that there would have been a number of men hoping they could score with her but certainly not to actually listen to anything she had to say in her speech. As you may recall, she was the bimbo woman who supported handing out free contraceptive means under the Obamacare act. If you used her figures for the cost of one woman, in one year, needing so much money for contraception and then figured out how many condoms that money would buy, well let me just say the term that Rush Limbaugh used for her comes to my mind as maybe having nailed her it perfectly.

Regardless of only ten folks coming to see  her and listen to her, a Reno newspaper reportedly dedicated a 500 or so word article to her speech. (I actually think the article was more about Romney in a round about way.)


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