Monday, August 13, 2012


Except for these few words and the captions, this blog post is full of pictures and just about nothing else.

Two nice folks enjoying all the gun nuts!
Hmm, I wonder if the targets we used are too small?
Guns to the left of us.
Guns to the right of us.
Guns in front of us.
Guns behind us.
A Shooter eager to start shooting.
Oh yeah, who says you were on line in front of me!

Man In Skirt Driving Stake Into Evil Doer,
next thing you know men like him will be carrying
and shooting pink and yellow guns!

Women loading for her life because man in skirt walks up
next to her and starts shooting pink and yellow rifle.

Man responsible for bringing the
pink and yellow rifle. At least
he as not wearing a skirt.
Man in skirt admiring real guns.
(Yes, the pink and yellow one was
real too, very-very real.)
Old Man With Guns.
How could he not notice the
guy next to him with THAT gun!

Real Man With Guns.

Happy gal shooting.
He-man shooting an American gun, a 1911.

Some wimp shooting an imported gun.
I had better shut up, he shot that imported gun pretty well!
Scary Black Guns!
Talk about scary, heck man, there were even cannons.
"One more wise crack about me and that colorful gun and I'll
give you one guess where I am going to put this hand cannon!"
What was left of the most shot at target.
(Or how they should have dumped OBL!)

Should have worn a raincoat!
Brendan shooting the 1911.

Speed Shooting the 1911
Man, he learned fast.

Running out of ammo can be fun!

Undercover PETA activist threatens to expose gun owner
who is filming himself torturing a cute cuddly animal.


All the best,
Glenn B


Jay G said...

I love this write up!!! :)

Glenn B said...

I am happy about that, I figured you would either love it or maybe want to put that hand gonne somewhere that I would not be comfortable with it! LOL