Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gotta Go To Homer's... pick up some paint and a brush. I hate going to that place but after my experience there last week, with the grill (wherein they were nice enough to deliver one to me on Fathers' Day to replace a defective one I had just bought) you can bet I will stick with them for awhile. I have a couple of painting jobs that need to be done in the house - both in the basement. One job is only about 4 feet square, the floor in the in-house. (It's not a bathroom, only has a toilet, is a small room, tiny, narrow and tall just like an outhouse but is inside, so I call it the in-house; after all, it is an in-house facility!) The thing that stinks (no pun intended) about that job is that I have to clean the floor first. It will require a good thorough cleaning, then a drying period, to make sure the new primer and then paint will adhere properly. Then a single coat of primer and probably three coats of paint. In all, the actual work, probably will take less than two hours.

Then, probably sometime this coming week or the following one, I will go back to Home Depot to pick up some paint for the basement walls in the front part of our cellar. That too will require a coat of primer, then a couple coats of paint. It is going to be a lot more work. Before I forget, I guess I'll have to paint the ceiling too. Perhaps, it will be better to do that first so that no paint from the ceiling splatters my newly painted walls. I'll have to ask them if a job like what I am doing requires primer or not. I am basically putting fresh paint, of the same color as the old, onto the walls. Maybe just a good cleaning off would do the trick. Then again, I don't often have good luck with things when I change how I have always done them, a coat of primer first is probably the best way to go.

Oh well, did I mention, I loathe going to Homer's!

All the best,
Glenn B 


Deb H. said...

Why not give Lowes in R. Field area a try? It's kind of close to you. - D.H.

Glenn B said...

Lowe's is worse.