Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ballseye Is Packin' Heat Again

I am giving official notice - to muggers, robbers, gang members, terrorists, father rapers, and any dirtbag who cares to threaten me or my family with loss of life or serious bodily harm, that as of yesterday - I am again packin' heat. I will not hesitate to use it within my rights of self protection or in protection of my family or other innocent parties. You have been warned.

Most sincerely,
PS: If you do plan to do me or my family harm, read up on why I have the Ballseye moniker and bear in mind that over the years my training and my shooting have both improved. In addition, my attitude remains the same with regard to those who would attempt to kill or seriously harm me or my family or other innocent parties.


Humble wife said...

And thus like is back to normal in NY!

with laughs (and of course enjoying the warning)

Jen AND Bill!!!

"Zack" said...


I had a mental flash of a graphic for a Ballseye (tm) T-Shirt, captioned "I aim LOW!"

Glenn B said...

T=shirts, hmm, I like it, I could make up another saying "Ballseye Says: "We all anticipate recoil now and again""

All the best,