Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogger Is Screwy Lately

When trying to post lately, while in the compose mode, anything that is written up winds up in one big block of text without line or paragraph breaks. This can be fixed, with a lot of effort on each individual post, in HTML mode. Blogger's solution - get another web browser other than IE. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

Now yet another problem has arisen, the publish icon does not function when clicked on with the mouse button. Instead I have to run the mouse cursor over the icon, then hit enter to publish.

I may have to search for a new place to blog if this type of stuff keeps up. It is getting annoying, one little problem after another. yes there have been other issues recently. Very annoying.

Anyone know of another free blog site?

All the best,
Glenn B


Cap'n Bob said...

You might try wordpress.com. I know of several who made the change.

Glenn B said...

I will give it a look when Blogger annoys me enough again. That may be soon the way things have been going with it. Probably wilol check it out on the weekend.