Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas to all.

Even though no longer a practicing Catholic, I always celebrate Christmas. Christmas to me - is all about, and I do really mean ALL about, gift giving and not one other thing. The gift of the use of the manger to Joseph and Mary, God's gift of his own son to mankind, the gift of the shepherds who watched over Jesus, the gift of the guiding star, the gifts of the Magi to the Christ child, the gift of Christian teachings to us all, the gift of Christ's own life to save us, the gift of forgiveness. If only we would truly celebrate gift giving more often the world would be better. It does not have to be commercial gift giving but can and also should be giving of: charity, common courtesy, a smile to a stranger, good manners, respect, kindness, friendliness, forgiveness, assistance to those in need, love and so forth to one another as opposed to greed, hate, racism, politics, one-upmanship, crankiness, war, politicizing everything and so on. Yes, I think Christmas is 100 percent about gift giving and should take place every day of our lives at least to some extent. Then again, we being less than perfect do okay to celebrate it once a year in big style and then at least a little bit during the rest of the year in the little things we do for one another.

Again, Merry Christmas. And, lest I forget, Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

All the best,
Glenn B