Thursday, July 26, 2012


The number one son and sole male heir certainly has taken somewhat after the old man.Thank goodness not relative to my bad habits, for the most part, but rather has followed in some of my better placed footsteps in the life-trail he is blazing. He just took off for the weekend with his girlfriend Haylie. Her parents have a place in upstate NY. (He is one up on me in that regard, my girlfriends never had any place to go to like that.) Earlier today he got the oil changed in the car, and we just changed the windshield wipers right before they left. I kind of like to go on road trips with the car ready for the trip, nice to see him doing likewise.

I don't know about all of the other preparations that he may or may not have made for the trip but I am aware of one other one. He asked me for a hand with that other one, that is how I know about it. He filled up 2 ammo cans with .223 and 7.62x39 rounds and took a couple of hundred 22LR rounds and 50 or a 100 22 magnum rounds too. He has his Bulgarian AK, one of his Stag Arms AR15s, a Marlin in 22 WMR, and his Ruger 10/22. He locked them all in 2 aluminum gun cases. You cannot go through NYC, legally, without them in locked cases and the cases locked in the trunk (what would you expect from good old Bloombergistan). 

I made sure he and Haylie (she loves to shoot) would have a bit more fun than they expected when I went to the shed and dug out the metal targets for the 22s. They are simple spinning targets, one with a small target disc over a larger one, and the other with 3 discs of varying sizes from left to right. Darn, they were very rusty, have not been used in years but something tells me some of the rust will be shot off of them by the time I see them again. Of course, me being me, I wrote him a 3 or 4 sentence note on how to safely shoot at them. I made sure to tell him to set them up at least 15 yards away, to only shoot at them with the 22 rimfire rounds (I suggested just using the 22LR but also told him he could try the 22 WMR at longer ranges) and to make darned sure to wear eye protection. I also verbally told him not to put any holes in my targets with his.223 or 7.62x39 rounds. I expect holes nonetheless! 

I think they are going to have a BLAST.  I am pretty confident that he will keep it safe. I imagine Haylie will also handle the guns safely and shoot safely. I never have seen her shoot but have spoken to her step-dad who agreed with me on the importance of gun safety. I imagine he passed that onto her. Besides all that, Brendan says she is pretty gun safe and I honor his judgment on it.

I think that the old new saying is true the apple does not fall far from the tree the shell casing does not fall far from the rifle. (Remember you saw that first here.)

All the best,
Glenn B