Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Winds Of War - Whipping The Shores of the Falkland Islands...

...Or Maybe We Should Call Them The Maldives

After reading the article at the below link:

I would think that another Falklands Island war is almost inevitable. There certainly could be many different outcomes of the events reported upon in the article but it seems to me as if Argentina is almost begging for it. This time they just may win it. England, as a country is a mess. Her armed forces are probably not much better off than is the rest of the country. Argentina, according to the article, has already gathered allies to lend their support. Who will support England? Probably not the United State of America, not in any way other than lip service and maybe a loan of a fighter jet or two. We are involved in two wars already and are having difficulties getting out of them. I doubt we could do much for England except to arm her and as badly off as we are when it comes to our economy I wonder what could we afford to lend? Not much.

Nope, if it happens this time, I foresee difficult times for the English and for the inhabitants of the Falklands and maybe a new flag raised high thereabouts.

All the best,
Glenn B