Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ballseye's Gun Shots 107 - Ammo Delivery - May Have To Go To The Range Soon

My next range trip may come sooner than expected. I sat down to take a break, from basement clean-up, and went online to look at my email. Low and behold, there was an email from Fed-Ex saying they just made a delivery of ammo I had ordered from CheaperThanDirt to my house. (Side note: they have been beating out the SportsmansGuide prices even with my SG member discounts.) Funny, I do not live in Bethpage, NY but that is where the email said they delivered it - and on a Saturday. I wondered, "do they make Saturday deliveries". I went up stairs, opened my front door and there on the stoop was the right sized box for my ammo order. A quick look confirmed that was it ad confirmed that yes FedEx does deliver on Saturdays (that was news to me).

I now have an additional 500 rounds of .22LR and my son now has another 60 rounds of 5.56 for his Stag Arms AR15. I have been getting him hollow point ammo so he can shoot it at the indoor range during the cold weather. I have also been making sure to get various bullet weights. I want to see how much one weight effects the groupings he and I are getting with his rifle. They are none too good as far as I can tell and need improvement. Someone told me, and I also read, that a heavier weight bullet might improve the grouping based on the twist ratio of his barrel and that we should be using 5.56mm ammo instead of .223 (I am trying both as there is a small difference). A trip to the range and some slow fire shooting will tell if different ammo will make a big difference. The indoor range is only 25 yards and certainly not an optimal range at which to sight in an AR but it will have to do until warmer weather since the young one does not want to shoot in the cold and neither do I if I can avoid it (do I sound old or what). Warmer weather is just around the corner - isn't it? I hope so.

The ammo I got, in this shipment, for Brendan's AR is as follows:

1) Bitterroot Valley Ammunition, .223 Rem, 69 Grain, Hollow Point Boat Tail, Match Ammo, $10.59 a box.

2) Bitterrot Valley Ammunition, 5.56mm, 75 Grain, Tactical Ammo, $10.89 a box.

3) Hornady, .223 Rem, 75 grain, Boat Tailed Hollow Point, $16.19 a box.

As I said, we will slow fire this stuff, probably in 4 round sets to see how it groups. I already bought him some ammo for Christmas too, some of that was also 5.56mm BTHP of a higher weight than the 55 grain bulk stuff I had initially gotten for him right after he got the rifle. Sadly, most of the ammo I got him for Christmas was FMJ and we cannot shoot that at the indoor range. Thus another need for slow fire - to make it last awhile longer so we can enjoy being at the range longer. Now, there is yet another reason - beyond precision shooting and making the range time last longer - for shooting slow fire with at least some of the ammo I have gotten for him. It is fairly expensive. It gets pretty expensive buying ammo in 20 round boxes, especially better quality ammo, as opposed to the bulk stuff for which I usually shop. We just cannot afford to shoot it rapid fire like the steel cased stuff we put through his AK or like the less expensive FMJ bulk .223 (55 grain) that I bought him before. More expensive ammo is okay, it just require that he fine tune his shooting a bit. Once he gets the hand of that, I may start getting hm some of that $30-$40 per box .223 ammo.

Of course, we can shoot up a storm with 22LR since I just got this 500 rounds of Armscor Precision .22LR high velocity, 36 Grain, hollow points only $19.79 a brick. Chances are I will not be bringing any of that to the range all too soon but will instead blow off a bunch of older 22 ammo that I have on hand. I really need a good day at the range, and the indoor range is fine for this, to blow off about 500 to 1,000 rounds of ammo. I certainly have more than enough on hand and some of it is probably 15 or 20 years old by now. I'll shoot most of that before I start using up the newer stuff. Then again, if it goes up in collector value I may sell it. I have seen folks asking a pretty penny for some of the old 22 ammo I have but have not seen anyone paying their prices - yet!

For now, I had best get back to cleaning up the basement. The in-laws are coming by next weekend for dinner and the wife wants me to have everything looking pretty for them. Anyway, it sure needed cleaning, it has been cluttered since brought all my hunting gear down here for this past season. Time to put it all back in storage in the shed (no my rifles do not get stored in my shed - just my other gear and clothing).

Later 4 U,
Glenn B