Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anyone Want to Give Me 2 or 3 Grand To Buy A New Dell (or any good brand of) Computer?

Nope, I did not think or expect that you wanted to do that but just figured I would ask anyhow. Seems the old PC may be on its last legs. Not under warranty anymore, it had been for about 4 years but when that ran out they refused to upgrade the warranty as they had done in the past for an additional fee. Lately, when I turn it on it beeps repeatedly then either the fans or drives go into overdrive, or it does nothing, or it shuts down after a few moments. After several tries, like 10 to 20, it suddenly works properly and turns on. I imagine sooner than much later it will just stop turning on.

Anyone ever have a similar problem and know of a solution besides a bullet to the motherboard?

Right now buying a new desktop is just about out of the question unless I find a genie in a bottle or lamp or unless I find someone with lots of cash to throw my way or unless I buy it on time.

Luckily, I recently bought a 16 GB USB drive. I filled it tonight with things I want to save in case the PC crashes. Amazingly enough, I got virtually everything I wanted to save on there plus my wife and son's documents. My daughter has nothing on this computer from what I could tell.

All the best,
Glenn B