Monday, August 24, 2009

If In Heaven - Author and Gentleman George Orwell Must Be Showing His Ivory Whites Smiling Over This Black Day For The English Language

Why would George Orwell be grinning with his Ivory Whites? Why not? I mean he did write the book Nineteen Eighty-Four - did he not and it is turning out to be mostly if not all very predictive of what is actually taking place in England - isn't it! You know the story, the one about life under the rule of Big Brother - life where everything is controlled by the government, life where your thoughts can make you a criminal, life where the government knows almost everything about you because they have you under constant surveillance with cameras virtually everywhere, life where your neighbors drop a dime on you as fast as Judas could grab the silver, life where even something as basic as the language of the land was being reduced and rewritten into newspeak (no it was never called doublespeak in the book) and destroying the language while it did so.

So let me tell you why he would be smiling. The Brits have for years tried to control everything by way of government. Yeah they have a parliamentary system and all that, but truth be told it is more of a socialist oligarchy. How did they arrive at such a government? One of the first things they did was to restrict ownership of firearms, then ban such ownership outright. That left the people as little more than puppets of those in power. Next they started to enact a whole load of laws that restricted the liberties and rights of the citizenry. Do you realize that if you state your OPINION in England it can be considered defamatory and you can be sued and jailed. Since they only had the people on strings so to speak, they also decided it would be a good idea to keep tabs on them at all times. There are now cameras in ore places than you could imagine in such cities as London, and I have even heard reports of them being found in the countryside. no these are not just traffic cameras, these are out and out surveillance cameras. They convinced the fools who are British subjects that these were needed to deter crime and terrorism. The fact is they can spy on just about anyone at any time where these cameras are located because they also utilize face recognition software. I recall the case of one man who used to go to a railing overlooking a river (or maybe the sea, or a lake - but it was a body of water). He went frequently. He was also arrested or detained for questioning frequently because the police felt he was about to commit suicide each time they spied him on there cameras at said location. He was there to look at the water folks! Of course Great Britain also encourages its citizens to rat one another out for offenses. Offenses like self defense when a person defends himself against a rapist or mugger. Once they got all that control what did the British government do - they joined the European Union thereby destroying all the rights of British citizens within the country. Pure government control by a government of bureaucrats from many nations leaving the people as little more than serfs once again.

Hmm, that just about completes the list of things I mentioned that took place in George Orwell's world of 1984. Whoops I forgot one. Sure you know I didn't forget, I just saved it for last because it just started to happen. The language in Great Britain, or at least the English language in Europe, is now under attack - read about it here. Certain politically incorrect words and phrases actually are being outlawed. They want to remove such terms as: black sheep of the family, black mark (all because a black person could take offense). They want to eliminate any reference to white to imply goodness such as the phrase whiter than white (again because it may make blacks feel that blackness is bad and whiteness is good. They want to purge use of words and phrases that potentially could be deemed sexist and thereby offensive to one gender or the other such as: gentlemen's agreement, and right hand man.

Are you getting this - do you see the lunacy that is therein such actions. At least one person in the UK apparently got it, see the video. As the song Living On A Thin Line by the Kinks said: "There's No England Now".

It is amazing that more British citizens did not see this all coming and take appropriate actions to prevent it. Now that they seem to be starting to realize it, it may be too late for them to save their country. Why even mention any of this here in the USA - because it is starting here too - just look around you - socialized medicine, government takeover of industry, government take over of the financial world, illegal immigration virtually ignored as Border Patrol Agents are executed, affirmative action runs amok, welfare and socialism are the tools, government control is the goal, racism in our culture abounds against whites but is not seen as such by hate mongers, anything a white says in a controversial situation being seen as racist by hate mongers, political corruption is exploding at all levels of government, arrogant politicians are continually trampling on citizens rights, surveillance cameras going up everywhere in the name of Homeland security, calling certain words by their first letter such as the N-word (newspeak has reached our shores. Are we doomed as England seems to be - not yet folks, but the point of no return maybe closer than any of us would like to think. Write to your elected officials, call them on the phone, demand they put some rational thought back into government and that they secure our borders, defend our Constitution, rid our streets of criminals (as opposed to harassing law abiding gun owners and other law abiding citizens), put an end to corruption, balance the budget, make English our official language, go full force in the war on terrorism and so forth. It is about time we start doing something to keep America American before someone sings a song about there being no America anymore!

All the best,
Glenn B