Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament - One More Time For A Great One Liner

Every now and then you hear something, either in real life, or maybe in a movie, that is just a great line about something in which you have an interest, or a line that is just so right that it would fit many a situation. I heard one recently, well actually I heard it a long time ago but it never quite hit me the way it did today what with the anti-gun sentiment that is out there. Hearing that line made me think I should resurrect the Ballseye's Firearms Accessories Tournament (at least for this one shot).

The line was this:

Somebody get a gun - shoot it - shoot it - does anybody have a gun!

or maybe it was this:

Somebody get a gun! Get a gun and shoot it! Does anybody have a gun?

Now while they may not be the exact quote, they are not off by more than a word or so at most. Have you ever heard those words before? Chances are you have heard them but you may not remember where or when. I'll give you a few hints, then see if you can guess without using any sort of search engine other than your own little gray cells and that is on the honor system on your part. If you guess correctly, using only your memory, and send me the correct answer in an email you may win a prize (I say may win because if more than one person guesses correctly only one will win the prize and he or she will be chosen by random drawing from among those with correct entries). Please keep it limited to one entry per person, and send it to me via my email link found under my profile (see over at right for a link to my profile). The contest will be open for a week, closing on June 29, 2009 at 2400 and the prize will be the gun case shown at this link (or something of similar make and cost if this one is unavailable at the time I try to purchase it). There will be one prize awarded in this contest - that is it. This contest is restricted to U.S. Citizens and legal resident aliens of the U.S. and you must also be to 18 years old or older to enter. You agree, by your entry into this contest, that should you be the winner you may be required to send me proof of age, and a statement that you can legally accept the prize, before I send out the prize. I reserve the right to be the sole person who makes determination as to acceptability of entries and eligibility of entrants; and I am the sole person who shall determine the winner. I reserve the right to change the rules as it suits me at any time without any prior notification to anyone (this is known as: The In Case An Asshole Trys To Screw This Contest Up Clause). If these rules do not suit you you are not eligible to enter this contest or to win the prize. By you entering the contest you consent to and agree to abide by the above rules. By the way, if not for assholes I would not even bother to have any rules, so blame them if you don't like to have to follow rules.

Oh, did you think I forgot the hints. Almost but not quite, here they are:

The line was spoken at "the pond" and "the pond" was not in the capital of Indiana.

They would have needed a bigger gun than most but any gun possibly could have been better than none.

It's a line from a movie; and while the movie is not one primarily associated with guns - a rifle made all the difference.

Farewell and adieu,

ps: in case the link above did not work here is another that you can also cut and paste: