Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Lines From My 2007 Rants

This was not my idea but it sounded kind of like some fun to me. I found the idea for it at Jungle Mom's site: The Jungle Hut. The idea is to write down the first lines of each of your first rants for each month in 2007. So here are mine in reverse chronological order:

Dec. 2007: The Irish Whiskey did not help. (My personal favorite, even if it was only a sip of it that I imbibed that prompted me to write that.)

Nov 2007: Too Bad He Apparently Does Not Read My Blog because his having done so may have saved him some holes in his legs, possibly being fired, and possibly being arrested.

Oct. 2007: Now here is a subject dear to my heart, the annual Long Island Herpetological Society Reptile (and amphibian) Expo.

Sept. 2007: Bloggers I read each and every day are listed over on the right, among the other bloggers to whom I link; but they are a bit special if only to me, and I read them on a daily basis.

Aug. 2007: It is amazing for me when I think back to my childhood, and remember what it was I wanted to grow up to be.

July 2007: Home again…the road trip is over, and that is too bad because it was a nice on.

June 2007: Prom night sounds like lots of fun, well for the kids.

May 2007: My Opinion on the 12 Million Illegal Aliens whom are estimated to be within the United States of America is that:

April 2007: For those of you who celebrate, have a happy Palm Sunday.

March 2007: Enjoying Some of The Finer Pleasures of Life is usually dependent upon one's income; but that does not mean that finer things are out of reach of those who don't make all that much.

February 2007: Great Britain has likely lost any hope of defeating Islamic terrorism on its own soil.

Jan. 2007: Here Is Wishing That You Enjoy a Happy and Safe New Year With Your Loved Ones

All the best,
Glenn B