Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two More Days (more or less)...

...and donations will be closed for the Soldiers' Christmas/Holiday Package. I will accept checks mailed to me, and postmarked, on or before the 7th of December, and will accept PayPal payemnts made up and through December 7th. Any PayPal payments for that effort received after the 7th of December 2007, will be returned minus any fee charged to me by PayPal. Any checks received with a December 8th or later post mark will be returned to the sender if the sender includes a return address, otherwise I'll just tear them up. Not trying to be a hard ass or anything like that, just trying to keep this manageable. So if you want to donate, please do so on or before December 7, 2007. Thanks very much for the donations to date.

All the best,
Glenn B