Friday, July 24, 2015

If You Have Been Thinking Of Buying Silver - Now May Be The Time

The spot price for silver, as I type is $14.61 cents per ounce. That is about as low as it has gone in at least 5 years. You can pick up silver Canadian Maple Leafs for as little as $2.29 over spot, and American Eagles for $2.99 over spot at I just placed a small order, which would have been bigger if my credit card balances were not as high as they are currently. Yes, I used a credit card and that raises the price some but Goldmart is very reasonable and had better prices than both APMEX and KITCO. My silver cache was pretty much depleted last year to buy some lead, copper & brass (as in ammo) and some guns. That was a mistake that I do not think I will repeat any time soon. With all the ups and downs of our economy and with the Obummer Administration still in the saddle, I plan to slowly build up at least a cache of a couple hundred silver coins over the long term and also maybe add a couple to few gold coins to the mix. It's just a good insurance policy if the economy crashes.

All the best,
Glenn B