Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank Heavens He Was Running As A Democrat...

...because otherwise the anti-gun crowd would be all over this like white on rice. I am willing to bet that the leftists would be out there already marching and chanting about changing the guns laws to make them more restrictive - that is if this guy, Mark Byrge as per my source, was a Republican, a conservative or a libertarian. He is none of those, the report says he is running for the Utah legislature as a Demoncrat Democrat. Here is what the Democrat Party reportedly had to say about him:

"Utah Democratic Party spokeswoman Anna Thompson said the party was not working with Byrge on his campaign." (source)"

As for the reason they apparently distanced themselves from him, my guess would be because he was arrested for allegedly
kidnapping and then assaulting a man and for obstruction of justice. Police are saying that this guy forced a man into his home and then pistol whipped him in an argument over money owed to the suspect by the victim. The dispute, they say, may have been related to money owed to the suspect over a prescription drug debt owed to him by the victim or his girlfriend who allegedly may have had received prescription drugs from the suspect (they apparently developed that lead through reading text messages between the suspect and victim). According to the report, the suspect's wife as also arrested for obstruction after he allegedly told her to, in essence, destroy or get rid of evidence. (Plenty more here at the source.)

Funny, I do not recall the article mentioning that the suspect legally owned the gun, had any type of license for it or if one was required, or obtained it illegally. I also did not notice anything about if he possessed or needed a pharmacist's license to dispense prescription drugs. It was mentioned that he had a prior criminal record though. "Court records show that from 1991 to 2001, he was convicted or pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault, violating a protective order, intoxication and interfering with an arrest, among other counts."  (source)

Yep, for once I truly am happy someone was running as a Democrat. Thing is, unless he is convicted before the election, it appears he can remain on the ballet. Somehow, I doubt he will win even if he runs.

All the best,
Glenn B