Friday, June 17, 2011

Gun Gear Giveaway

I am leaving for an NRA training class this weekend and returning next Friday or Saturday. The one way trip for me from home to my hotel (which is several miles from the range where the training will be given) is approximately 114 miles dependent upon the route I take (I used the average mileage from three different routes I found on MapQuest). The person who guesses closest to the actual mileage I travel, as per my calculations based upon my odometer readings for my whole trip, will win a magazine for a Colt 1911 type pistol. By my whole trip, I do mean every mile I drive going there, every mile I drive while there during the training days, every mile I drive coming back home and any side trips I make while away for the training.

In order to participate you must agree to, and abide by, the following rules:
1. To enter you must leave a comment in the comments section for this blog post stating the number of miles you think I will have traveled by the end of my trip; your entry can be received from any time after I publish this post until I return home from this trip alive and well, probably Friday July 1st or Saturday July 2nd. The winner will be the person who guesses closest to my actual total trip mileage without going over, you must guess in whole miles only please. In the event of a tie, I randomly will choose one winner from among those who tied. (If you follow my blog, you may get some hints as the trip goes by; in fact there may, or may not, have been hints in previous posts already.)
2. You must be 21 years old or older to enter the contest; your entry into the contest is your affirmation that you are 21 years old or older. I may require you to send me a copy of your driver's license.
3. You must be either a U.S. Citizen and or a legal resident alien of the United States of America; your entry into the contest is your affirmation of this requirement.
4. You must be legally eligible to receive and possess pistol magazines (the capacity of this mag is 8 rounds) at your place of residence. By your entry into the contest, you affirm that you are certifying to me that you are not a convicted felon, that there are no criminal charges currently pending against you, that you have never been convicted of a crime of domestic violence and that you are not a convicted sex offender and that you may legally receive and possess the described pistol magazine.
5. You must reside in one of the lower 48 states of of the USA. I will not ship this item overseas, nor to Alaska or Hawaii nor to foreign.
6. Your address must be a physical address for your legal residence, I will not knowingly ship this to a post office box or to a business (and it should go without saying but I am going to say it - nor to someplace like a jail or prison).
7. The winner will be announced on or about Sunday July 3rd (be patient if I take longer) in the comment section.
8. The winner will have to supply me with a valid name, age, and address for shipping. (I will pay for shipping.)
9. In the event I ship the prize to the winner and it is lost or damaged in shipping - tough noogies - as the winner you agree you have no remedy.
10. I or my heirs may for any reason or whim, at any time, cancel this competition without awarding the prize.

Good luck,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Well this sounds fun...I will not guess, as we are not in need of this, but I love the disclaimer and appreciate why you need it, and number nine made me smile- tough noogies indeed!

Best of luck to all those that enter.


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

311.1 miles

Glenn B said...

Please guess in whole miles only. I will take the above to be 311 miles.

One other thing folks, one entry per person please - on the honor system.

Thanks for entry number 1.

Mike S. said...

I'll play-- I'm guessing 450 miles. I've never been to a week-long course that didn't include a lot of miles ramming around.
Incidentally, I put some of your the .303 rounds I got from you through my jungle carbine this last weekend. Thanks, again!
Take care,
Mike Stamm

mike s said...

I hope all is well with you. I guess 450 miles-- there's a lot of ramming around during a week-long course.
Mike S.

Glenn B said...

Hi Mike,

All is well. How is tha Enfield shooting?

All the best,

mikes said...

It's a great old gun, and shoots better than I do. I've been getting in a lot of trigger time with a number of the old military bolt actions this year. 1891 Arg. Mauser, 1903 '06, Enfield carbine, semi-auto BAR, Swiss k31, M-1 rifle and carbine. My most pleasant surprise has been an unaltered Jap 7.7mm. Solid, quick, accurate-- I'd always been told they were nearly useless, but have reached much different conclusions. Almost as surprising is the Carcano in 7.35mm. A former patrol partner gave me an M-1 carbine like the one I was issued in '76, and I'd forgotten how handy they are. Heck-- they're all fun!