Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Am A Blooming Idiot...

...and now I am going to keep you all in suspense until at least Tuesday or Wednesday to tell you why I just wrote that. I can say, that within the past two or three days, I have quite possibly screwed myself royally because of a momentary lapse of paying attention to details - or in other words because of my having been an idiot. More info later, because whether or not I really screwed myself, or just pulled a boner, will now depend upon whether or not someone else is honest and does the ethical thing when that person realizes my foul up. It should be quite obvious to the other party involved that I messed up. Of course had I been paying attention it would have been obvious to me before it was too late so to speak. Hopefully someone else will be more attentive to detail than was I, and then will be honest and ethical about it. Time will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B