Thursday, December 11, 2008

So - I am Not The Only Who Thinks Like...

...I did in my post two down below this one about the financial mess we are in and the part played by the auto workers' union and the big 3 U.S. car companies. Just take a look at this poster.

I hope you can read it, or at least can click on it to make it bigger.

I found it here:; and likewise if I knew who created it I would give them full credit.

All the best,
Glenn B


Christopher Hamilton said...

I cannot believe that the act passed yesterday in the House. I really hope it doesn't pass the Senate because the auto companies shouldn't get one penny out of the American people.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Humble wife said...

If I wasn't aware of how bad this was I'd smile at the cleverness of the ad.

Anonymous said...

But, It's Ok that the Finance and Banking Industries have recieved hundreds of Billions of Dollars??

Glenn Bartley said...
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Glenn Bartley said...


Are you kidding me with a question like that? And you do not even have the respect to sign your name to your sarcastic reply so that when I respond I could have addressed you by name!

Did you notice that in this post I mentioned the other post, just 2 down from this one. The one in which I slam not only the big 3 auto makers but also the Congress, the Financial Companies like banks and mortgage companies, and those who wanted to get rich quick in general in the financial market companies. Now correct me if I am wrong, but did not that piece, in at least the first couple or few paragraphs make it absolutely clear that I was slamming the financial industry what with me writing about bad mortgages, bad loans, get rich quick investment schemes. Did it not take me a while before I got to the big 3 auto makers and the auto worker union(s)! Did I not also slam the government!

If I need to make it clearer for you, my opinion is: NO - it is not alright for the financial industry, the banks, the mortgage companies to get all of that money. But since it appears they are getting the bailout money anyway - then guess to whom the big 3 auto makers should be going for their bailout money. If you cannot figure that out, well then they should be going to the banks to beg, not to the government. Why? Well because since the G is giving all that money to the banks the banks now have plenty to lend out. After all, what do banks do with money - they lend it out to make a profit called interest - or at least that is what they are supposed to do. So if they got the bailout money, then they should use it as a loan to the big 3 auto makers, that is if they find them credit worthy. This is called trickle down economics, and it has proven itself to work well before, although when it worked before there was no or little socialism involved (as in a government bailout of this magnitude). Still, the bailout money has been given, now let the friggin banks lend the money as they see fit, if the auto makers are not fit borrowers in the eyes of the banks, then why in Heaven or on earth or in Hades should the government give them our money?

Okay they can give them your money, but not mine, I worked too hard for mine, what little I have saved. I used sound business principals to save some and pay off my house early. I did not squander money, I did not risk it, and I did not make bad products expecting to sucker people into buying it so I could make more money all the while being undercut by competitors who made better product and more money than me. Guess who did do that.

So have you asked yourself, why are the big 3 auto makers not going to the banks for the money they need? In all likelihood because the banks would find them a bad risk and turn down their loan applications, that is why and it is clear as crystal. So tell me, why should the government give the big 3 auto makers money? Would it be just because the people in Congress are absolute idiots in matters such as this and act they on emotion instead of reason. Hmm, just like most voters who elected them! The big 3 auto makers, especially GM with a CEO who has been at the helm of GM while their stock has gone down a devastating 95% is the one begging the most. Does anyone actually expect the government or any lender to give money to a company with an asshole (my opinion of him) like him in charge of the company.

Please, stop making comments on my writing based upon your emotions and maybe next time actually read what I have written before you comment.

Glenn B

ps: please note the comment directly above this one, that was deleted, was a duplicate.