Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Oh Henry

In my opinion, what almost ruined my Christmas spirit this year was this linked article and the leftist balderdash contained therein:

It was written by whom I think is a seemingly leftist anti-gun reporter and is a piece about the Henry Repeating Arms' U.S. Survival Rifle AR-7, a semi-automatic rimfire survival rifle and about an email for it. He was supposedly nauseated by a Christmas holiday promotion email that Henry Repeating Arms allegedly sent to him reference said rifle.

The rifle in question was meant to be a survival rifle. I own one and I am also quite experienced with firearms (both shooting them and as a firearms instructor and armorer) and I can tell you that using this rifle for more than a last ditch survival rifle or as a plinker would be a risky stretch of its capabilities at best in something like a self-defense scenario. While it could be used, as could any other firearm that actually is capable of shooting live ammunition, in an emergency for self defense it would be a poor choice indeed as a primary self defense weapon. That is due to the caliber, 22 LR, and the inherent rate of failures to fire of 22 rimfire ammunition. In addition, while someone could use it on a violent rampage - just as they could any other firearm or a: can of gasoline & matches, Molotov cocktail, IED, knife, machete, baseball bat, truck, car or whatever - it never was meant to be and is not very suitable, if at all so, as a so called assault rifle. Even under the anti-gun auspices of the so called NY SAFE Act - it is not considered an assault weapon. It's magazines hold a total of eight (8) rounds each and as I pointed out they are of the 22 rimfire variety.

Yet,the author of the article seemingly strongly implies it to be some sort of assault weapon capable of turning the wanna-be mass murderer type into someone who can sneak it into a school or theater and use it to kill "...large groups of people instantaneously". Don't believe me, think I am stretching it - read the article and look at the photographs that accompany the article (then look at Henry's Website https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/u-s-survival-ar-7/ and tell me where was the AR-7 among those pictured in the article).

The article, I believe, only goes to help prove a point that gun enthusiasts have been making for years: The left does not want common sense or reasonable gun control - they want to eliminate all guns. In essence, they are attempting to do so by eliminating one class at a time and expanding that class of firearms by adding on additional ones that were never before considered to be problematic in an evil weapon sort of way. Now, thanks to the author of the article - my guess is that many will probably consider the AR-7 to be an evil assault weapon capable of turning even the meekest or looniest among us into a raving lunatic mass murderer.

I don't know which political party to which you belong or what is your stance on gun control versus gun rights but reporting such as that should offend you since it evidently assumes, as I see it, that the reader is an uninformed idiot. I mean think about it - when is the last time you heard of someone using an AR-7 in a mass murder? Sure, it's possible but not likely; yet, I'm almost willing to bet someone on the left of the mentally twisted variety, I pray not the reporter himself, is hoping that someone with a demented mind and a Henry U.S. Survival Rifle AR-7 will try using one in a mass murder attempt before Christmas - that is now that what I consider to be this media monster has planted his evil seed.

All the best,
Glenn B


explainist said...

I have never seen an AR-7 get through a whole magazine without a jam

if it did, you would burn your fingers on the exposed barrel

B said...

"and the inherent rate of failures to fire of 22 rimfire ammunition"

What kind of .22 LR ammo do you buy?

CCI and other quality brands are a reliable as any centerfire ammo.

Cheap shit is what you plink with. You get what you pay for there. Bulk packs, yes, about a 2% failure to fire (on the first strike, anyway).

But good quality .22? Failure to fire is WAAAY less that 1/10 of 1%

Glenn B said...

As far as I am aware, rimfire ammo is much more likely to fail to fire because of priming problems than is any centerfire ammo. It is also more prone to misfires due to fouling in the area of the chamber that supports the rim and becayse of generally fouled chambers because it does not seat properly to be fired. Let's face it, most 22 ammo is dirtier than centerfire ammo from the same comapnies that make each; at least that has been my experience. As for what I by, as of late: Agulia and CCI and yes I have had some failures to fire with CCI ammo. Not as many as you would with something like Remington Thunderbolts but failures indeed. It happens now and again.

Glen Filthie said...

That’s gotta be a problem with the gun though, doesn’t it? I have a 10/22 and a CZ boltie...and I can’t remember having a misfire in either in years... and I shoot a fair bit of cheap bulk rim fire...

Glenn B said...

"I have never seen an AR-7 get through a whole magazine without a jam if it did, you would burn your fingers on the exposed barrel"

I think you must be thinking of a different gun than the semi-automatic Henry U.S. Survival AR-7. Magazine holds 8 rounds, shoots 22 LR, barrel is covered by a polymer sleeve.