Wednesday, April 4, 2018

You Tube Shooting - Witness Interview

The link I am about to supply is to a video of an alleged witness to the You Tube shooting as he is interviewed by the media. Not a bad interview as they go, the media was actually listening to the guy and the one reporter actually starts asking some decent but liturgical questions. The witness goes over the whole thing quite rapidly and can possibly confuse you a bit the first time. Then he goes over it again, better the second time in my estimation and then yet again while being questioned.

Here is the link:

The witness seemed to be obviously rattled. Mind you, I don't think it the fault of the witness that the answers seemingly were coming fast and maybe confusing at first - he just witnessed one hell of an traumatic event and I am sure his nerves were more than merely jangled. His adrenalin must have had his heart rate through the roof and his nerves firing off like crazy. He seemed hurried at times to get it all out and seemed to jump from one thing to another. I suppose that is to be expected sometimes when folks try to cope with  describing a life threatening, indeed a life ending one in this case, situation that has just passed. So, I am guessing, the interview answers were a hurried jumble of what happened as this poor man tried to put it all together. He did a pretty good job nonetheless, let us hope he was not bullshitting.

There was one part of the interview where he said one of the most intelligent and insightful things I have ever heard a witness say about such a shooting after just having witnessed it. Having just written that, I have a little challenge for you:

Watch the whole 7 minute video and listen carefully to the audio. Then tell me, in a comment to this blog post, what was it that the witness said that I found to be  intelligent and insightful of the situation he had just witnessed. It is a single sentence - nothing more - among many sentences. My guess is that the first person who hears it will get guess right but then who can say until someone does it.

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By the way, the first person (who is 18 years old or older) to guess right and then mention what it was that I thought was so intelligent and insightful in the words of the witness (in the linked video) will win a new (old stock) Uncle Mike's Sidekick Nylon Holster for medium & large frame revolvers with 6.5" barrels (size 3, model 8103-1, right hand). This will fit a revolver like a Ruger Redhawk. If you win it and do not have a suitable revolver for this holster - getting the revolver is up to you as the holster does not come with a firearm.

This contest is only open to legal residents and citizens of the United States of America residing within the lower 48 states (therefore excluding AK, HI, all U.S. possessions and so forth) who may legally receive and possess this holster. I will ship on my dime. You must send me a copy of your ID showing your name, address and DOB showing you are 18 or older in order for me to ship it to you; if you don't want to do that the prize will be awarded to someone who will do it in order of whomever had the next correct guess in that order on down. It must ship to an address that is not a mail drop or post office box since I may ship UPS. If not UPS, it will be sent by Priority Mail. Note, in the event of a tie, a tie being my having received correct answers from more than one person in emails received by me at the same exact time, I will choose among those correct answers by random lot to select the winner. You can submit your answer from the moment this post is posted to my blog up until 11:59 PM Saturday night, April 25, 2018. Only one entry per person, that is on the honor system. Good luck.

All the best,
Glenn B


Irish said...

My guess. “ I didn’t have a gun on me. I wish I did”
Obviously he’s not a native California liberal.

Glenn B said...

We have a winner and as I thought it was the first person who commented. Pretty easy read on what I thought was insightful. Shoot me an email with your mailing info and I will send you the holster.

Irish said...

Good morning Glenn, Thanks :) When he said it I truly think most "logical" people would have said the same thing! When it's live and unscripted you get the truth before the media sanitizes it.

I appreciate the holster but It wouldn't be put to good use by me. Please donate it to someone that would need/ want it and tell them it's a gift from Irish :)

Stay safe out there.

Glenn B said...

Okay, will do. I will donate it, in your name, to an upcoming raffle at my local gun club. Thanks.