Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Mindless Sheep Never Learn...

...the only reason politicians want to take away our guns is so that they can control the populace without opposition. History shows that as true again and again and again regardless of the balderdash they spew about protecting you. Protecting you and keeping you from being killed - by psychos, dirtbags, criminals of all sorts - has nothing to do with it because banning guns has nothing to do with ending illegal violence.

Take for example London England where virtually all self defense type firearms have been banned. The murder rate there has now surpassed that of New York City and guess what are being used to kill people there - edged weapons (more at the source). So tell me all of you on the gun banning left - what would you have them do in London? Would you have them register assault knives or just ban them outright! Oh yeah, that's right, they already have quite restrictive laws on what types of knives you may possess and when you may possess them.

Maybe the real answer would be dealing with the filth of society that cause most of the violent crime.

All the best,
Glenn B

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