Sunday, April 29, 2018

I Am Going To Be Buying More Hornady Ammo...

...and it's not because I have a particular affinity for it like thinking it is better than other ammo (although I must say their 35 Remington is balls-on accurate) or that I think their quality control is better than that of other companies (but have to say it always goes bang) or anything like that at all. It's because Hornady just had one of the best responses to liberal leftist looney anti-gun government, specifically to the pissant tyrant governor of NY who recently requested that NY banks discontinue doing business with any among the firearms and ammunition industries. What was Hornady's  response, read it yourself:

Hornady stands up to State of New York

Today, the State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry. 
While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the State of NY or any NY agencies. Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.
-Steve Hornady, president of Hornady Manufacturing Company" (source).
Now if only the rest of the firearms and ammunition industries would do likewise and stop selling their products to anti-gun governments - and stop selling to any wholesaler or retailer who sells to those governments - you would see the anti-gun left change their tune rapidly. 
It is too bad that not all manufacturers will join in with Hornady but maybe some will follow their lead. So, I am hopeful that Hornady would stop selling to retailers or wholesalers who sell Hornady products to anti gun governments and am hopeful that Hornady will request that other ammunition and firearms manufacturers will follow suit. I just contacted Hornady media relations to request that they do just that. 

All the best,
Glenn B


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Anonymous said...

I recall Barrett Firearms refusing to service any of their weapons in Gov't hands, and suspending sales of weapons, parts, and support for same for similar reasons. It's NOT all about the money.