Sunday, December 10, 2017

Light Posting Anticipated

I will be working all this week and thst is okay by me because I can use the cash. I may be working full time, more or less, for the next month or more because someone quit and I will be covering until they find a replacement. I would say thank goodness except in this case it came about because of someone else's misfortune. Still though, I am grateful for the work when I need it. Because I will be working full time for awhile, I imagine my blogging will be very limited but I will try to blog at least a few days each week.

Now to get some chores done, like: do my laundry, attend to my critters,  clean some guns, put a rifle or three up for sale, find out which rifle of mine is missing a bolt I cannot identify, vacuum the basement, clean out the trunk of my car, and whatever else I can do to appease the wife by my being busy. Then I will put seeds in the bird feeders and also enjoy a fine German bier.

All the best,

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