Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I've Got That Kind Luck

Got taken out this past Saturday night for dinner by my wife with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson (was missing my son bigtime since he now is living in AR). It was a birthday celebration for yours truly. We had a really nice meal in a Portuguese restaurant. I had some things I like a lot like braised goat (yummy), octopus, mussels, scallops, shrimp, and lamb. The seafood was in a couple of hot appetizers. The goat was my main course and the lamb was a chop my daughter let me have from her plate. Also had a couple and a half of beers.

I took only one bite of the lamb. Just as I passed my tonsils and was on its way down the tube and overwhelming aftertaste of rotten meat hit my taste buds. Shame on me for either not going right to the head to force myself to upchuck or for not having a double shot of vodka or other strong spirits. Everyone at the table excluding the rugrat, told me I was out of my mind and that it was just the sauce! The rest is pretty gross and pretty detailed - thus below the cover:

Walked both too and from the restaurant - maybe 1/2 mile or a bit more each way. Normally that would have been okay but my feet were swollen like balloons from some medication I take that does that to me now and then and they hurt like hell. Finally got home and sat down to watch some TV. About 2 1/2 hours or so after eating, at my best guesstimate, I felt a sudden pain in the center of my chest and abdomen, then the same pain near the middle of my back and it hurt bad. Then it travelled across my back like a tight band and across my chest but not as bad as in my back. Then it went down both arms. I thought I was having a heart attack, my wife was hopeful. That went on for 5 minutes or so and then I passed just the tiniest bit of wind. Even I could not stand the wafting wicked vileness that had escaped my bowels. Not too long after that, I started to feel nauseous. A short while later I upchucked and kept it going at least a 8 times. Soon after it came out one end it was followed from the other and soon enough often both at once, all accompanied by those continuing pains and all that continued through the night into the early AM. What joy. What a night.

Next morning, I held down some water - a few and then gradually several small sips. About 11Am, I tried three good sized swallows. There I went puking again. Man did I want and need water but could not keep it down in any good amount. I also had the squirts on and off the rest of the day too though not explosive like Saturday night. Finally kept down some water later that evening into the night. I also had a cup of Chai that my wife made for me, then another an hour or so later but the second one with some honey. That was good.

On Monday morning, almost exactly 39.5 hours after eating on Saturday night, I had my first solid food - two small pieces of toasted white French bread with red raspberry preserves. Hallelujah - it stayed down. Progressed very slowly from there to eating a bit more and drinking more water. I was getting better but slowly. Felt like shit all the way through yesterday and am still kind of zonked today but made it to work today regardless.

Never again will I gulp my food.

Imagine, that was my birthday celebration - what a lucky guy I am for sure!

All the best,

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