Monday, January 2, 2017

Why Do Celebrities Blame Someone Else...

...for their own lack of education, poor work ethic, lack of talent or other inabilities and shortcomings on such a regular basis. Yet another example of such seemingly greeted us with the celebrations on New Year's Eve wherein Mariah Carey was reported to be having trouble during her performance and evidently was unable to keep pace while lip synching with prerecorded music and lyrics (source). The same report goes on to say that she is now blaming Dick Clark Productions (DCP) for what seems to me to be her own inability but she allegedly has said that DCP essentially deliberately sabotaged her performance. DCP is saying that claim is absurd and they may well be correct since no other performer at the same event had a similar problem.

I don't know about you but, since this crap happens on a regular basis with entertainer types and other celebrities, I suppose it the reason I am not a big fan of just about anyone in the entertainment world - at least just about not anyone living. I think that celebrities today are mostly a bunch of clueless, untalented, undereducated and leftist arsehats.

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Glenn B

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