Sunday, June 12, 2016

The NIC Still Can't Call It For What It Is - Islamic Terrorism

Obama, the Nincompoop in Charge, still cannot call an act of Islamic terrorism just that. Instead, he has said the following about the mass shooting (truly a mass shooting with 50 dead and over 50 others wounded) in an Orlando gay bar:

"We know enough to say this was an act of terror and an act of hate," (source). Yes he said it was an act of terror but that is not necessarily the same as terrorism. Also note he did not attribute it to Islam and even though it is painfully obvious that this was a pure and unadulterated act of  ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Let's face it folks, the guy is an apologist for Islam and Muslims, even for those who are terrorists. Sure, he will have to admit what it was sooner or later but the fact is with him it has always been later.

The guy was a registered security guard in CA. He legally bought a couple of firearms recently. It is not yet known if he used those weapons in this attack. Think tougher guns laws would have helped? Gun laws do nothing to stop gun violence as evidenced by the fact that another man was arrested in CA, who traveled there from IL, both states that have lots of gun control, and he was armed with firearms and a binary explosive and on his way to attend a gay pride parade (source).

Executing scum like this guy (the killer in Orlando), if captured alive and thank the officer(s) whose shot killed him, is what, in my personal opinion, needs to be done along with a complete temporary ban of entry into the USA of Muslims. If you do not get it by now that Islam is a major problem that is looking to destroy us you are out of your mind. Is there a solution? Yes, revise our immigration laws and require every applicant who passes all other immigration criteria to take a polygraph test before being admitted into our country. You could cut out 90% of the other bullshit the government does relative to admitting immigrants if they had to take and fully pass a polygraph and could get the funding from the budget cuts allowed by cutting out the BS. You would also see a dramatic drop in the number of people who hate America being allowed to cross our borders. Yes, I know, this guy reportedly was a U.S. born Citizen but remember he was descended from Islamists who immigrated here. While this may not have stopped him it would stop many others. We could also use a new amendment to the Constitution allowing for nullification of U.S. citizenship when one has conspired, to any degree, to commit such acts.

I can tell you this, while I have been a Trump supporter I also had recently been thinking of voting for Gary Johnson for the presidency but this act of Islamic Terrorism has solidified my support for Trump. He is the only one talking about taking the actions we need to get this problem solved. Johnson would be happy to open our borders from what I have heard.
As for me, I will not go unarmed and if somehow I am found to be in the middle of such an attack, I probably would be inclined to fight to my last breath to kill the vile Islamic invaders involved; and that stands whether I am armed or not. I would rather die fighting than die while tweeting that I am hiding in the men's (ladies or transgender) rest room and that the guy is coming and that he has got us and maybe even that I think I am about to die. I pity the victims, and grieve for them, who thought hiding and not fighting was the right ting to do. You ought to think about that for yourself, which would you rather do. As for me, I would not be able to live with myself if I did not at least try to fight back and anyway, I think you probably stand a better chance of surviving by fighting.

As far as the family of this Islamic pig sucking piece of shit goes, I am happy he is dead and I hope they are all deported tomorrow and if citizens are somehow legally stripped of citizenship and deported.

Now that I have gotten that off of my chest allow me to say that my heart felt condolences and my prayers go out to those who were killed and wounded and to their grieving families.

All the best,
Glenn B


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