Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So A Cop Sees You At The Moment You Decide To Take Out Your Knife...

...for whatever legitimate reason, maybe you and your wife are doing lawn work in front of your house and you need to cut something. When he sees you reach for your knife, your wife is, let's say, 40 feet away from you with her back to you. The cop shouts "Police, don't move" (which he does not have to do) but you are already in motion and keep pulling out the knife and the cop shoots you dead. Would the cop be justified? Maybe so if you were pulling out this knife:


Why anyone would want to carry that type of a knife is beyond me because I think here are plenty of legitimate situations in which you could take it out and have it mistaken as a gun and thus have your intentions mistaken too. Hell, if I saw you pulling it out pointed at me, there is a chance I'd act in my own defense and quite possibly with deadly force.

All the best,
Glenn B

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