Saturday, February 13, 2016

Obama Is Responsible For Reigniting The Cold War... what I believe and what I have been warning for almost 2 1/2 years now - at least since this blog post back in September 2013. Now, the Russians have just made it absolutely clear that we are in the middle of one. In fact, they are threatening us with dire consequences if we do not bow to them and their plans in Syria and elsewhere throughout the world (source). All that chest pounding by Russia is probably mostly due to our president being an infective whoosh when it comes to being a chief capable of command. Let's face it, all of his red line bravado and his talk of the U.S. being the strongest world power, of ISIS being a JV team and many of his actions to date in the world (the most recent being his terrible handling of Iran capturing U.S. seamen) amounted to little more than him being a braggart who would not back up his own threats or bragging by standing for what was right about the United States of America. He has effectively weakened the USA and brought us to at least one knee in world standing. 

I believe that Obama has set us back at least 50 years in our standing as an effective world power. If that is what he meant by fundamental change, then I think he was set to surrender America's superiority in world affairs from day one of his presidency and he has done a pretty good job of doing exactly that. The man and his policies are despicable to me.

All the best,
Glenn B

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