Saturday, September 5, 2015

Yesterday's KTKC Photo

Went to the gym last night, got home, had some dinner with half a bottle of wine and went to bed. I forgot to post my KTKC photo for Day 4. I also never got the chance to do the dunk-my-lilted-junk video I owe you all because one generous person made a $100 donation. I'll try to do that today; not looking forward to it but suppose I have to get it done.

Anyway, here's my pic from yesterday and it ain't pretty:

Yep, that is my brand new UT Kilts utility kilt. Better
photos to come, this one really sucked since I look to be
about 80 in it. Maybe I should just stop working out.
As for the Team Glenn B standings, s of just a moment ago, we were shown to be in third place with $315. We are behind the second place team by $265 and behind the first place team by just over 1K. We are ahead of fourth place by $95.

If you want to donate to help support prostate cancer research and to kick prostate cancer's arse, then please do so through this link:

If you want to do so through our team, then please be sure to click on Team Glenn B in the drop down box in the upper left hand corner of the checkout screen, third step in the payment process. Remember, once you have donated through Team Glenn B, please send me a an email with your receipt of acknowledgement and include your name so I can allocate prize chances to you and so I can assure that donations through Team Glenn B are being recorded properly.

Thanks for your generous support.

All the best,
Glenn B


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