Monday, March 30, 2015

Something Every Freedom Loving Citizen May Want To Know... how to escape from incarceration when wrongfully held captive. Some examples of that could be: you have been kidnapped and bound and thrown in a vehicle's trunk, you have been bound by someone during a home invasion or bank robbery, your kinky lover tied you up and forgot all about you (had to throw that one in there), you have been arrested unlawfully, you have been lawfully arrested (the cop somehow has been rendered unconscious for and you hands are turning blue because the restraints are too tight) - or whatever. Now, I am not Houdini nor am I an expert on escapes but I have found some information on one of the blogs to which I link that possibly could be useful in such situations. A blog post over at The Art of Manliness gives a few examples of how to defeat nylon zip ties when used as restraints.

I am not endorsing those methods, nor even saying they have a chance of working, but they look to me as if they maybe are plausible means of defeating nylon zip ties. If these methods work, I may practice them now and again because they could be a lifesaver. If they don't work, or I cannot get them to work for me, then I will forget them. Best of all, if I can do it, I will avoid being restrained in the first place; although, that may be harder said than done if someone wants to harm me badly enough. Anyway, if I ever find myself with my hands, and maybe also my feet, bound by zip ties and I am in danger and need to escape, I think it sure would be nice to know how to do it.

I am not recommending that anyone else try this. You trying it is up to you and me saying I will try it should have no sway with your decision to try it or not. I will say though, that if and when I try these methods, I will have another responsible adult in attendance who can cut the zip ties off of me if those methods don't work. Kids should definitely NOT try this unless under the supervision of a responsible parent or guardian. I am not saying kids should never try this but must have responsible and knowledgeable adult supervision if doing so. I would think that if the methods work, parents might even want to teach their kids how to do them but the parents must be thoroughly familiar with these methods beforehand. Placing zip ties on wrists (or on any limbs) can be extremely dangerous and could result in the amputation of one or more body parts or possibly even result in death. Then again, being
restrained by a crazed criminal can also be extremely detrimental to your health and or result in death.

After writing the above, I did a bit of searching on YouTube and came up with a video on how to potentially defeat not only zip ties but handcuffs and duct tape as well. I have long known some methods of defeating handcuffs, as should every law enforcement officer, but figured that the general public may not be aware of how to do so. Again, I am not endorsing any of these methods but am sharing the video so you can determine if the escape methods might work for you. All of the same warnings that I made above about the potential dangers of zip ties as restraints also apply to duct tape and handcuffs. Kids, again I tell you, do not try any of this unless under the supervision of a responsible parent or guardian and adults should only do this with another responsible and knowledgeable adult present. DON'T EVER TRY ANY OF THIS AFTER TAKING ANY MIND OR MOOD ALTERING DRUGS - INCLUDING ALCOHOL.

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