Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Don't The Hypocritical Muslim Bastards Just Stone Him...

...or better yet just fuck him to death for this sex crime.!

An Islamist child-fucker killed an 8 year old girl by having sex with her. If I had my druthers, he would die a miserable death, an extremely miserable one. If you doubt that it was a follower of Islam who did it, think again about which religion in Yemen allows for arranged marriages. See:

Fuck arranged marriages, fuck Muslims who believe in arranged marriages, fuck anyone who has sex with 8 year old girls (or boys), fuck that rabidly obscene religion Islam and fuck the guy who did this crime (up his ass with a hard cold steel barrel that spews hot lead in the form of .45 caliber bullets).

And in the event you think I forgot or was negligent - Fuck The Family of the Girl Who Turned Her Over To The Animal That Killed Her. Since they were her family, I suggest that justice might be best served by fucking them with a hard cold steel barrel that shoots 12 gauge slugs and that spews them, without impunity, up their asses in a fiery display of swift retribution. But alas, I suppose none of that would be legal and thus one can only hope for the followers of Islam to resort to Sharia law and stone him to death.

Forever an Infidel,
Glenn B

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