Thursday, September 12, 2013

Palmetto State Armory - Good Price on Lake City M855 Ammo

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is offering 600 rounds of bulk (no packaging) Lake City 5.56x45mm, XM855 (should be 62 grain but they do not mention grain weight) ammo - in a new production .50 caliber ammo can - for $239.99 plus $19 shipping to my area. The total cost was $258.99 shipped to where I live. That works out to .43 per round shipped if you only consider the ammo. I figure that an ammo can goes for about $15. Take that off of the above price and it works out to about .41 cents per round. I will not take off shipping because that has to be figured into the overall price. I did take off the cost of the ammo can because that really is something separate from the ammo. A price of .41 cents per round is the best price I have seen in several months for this ammo. I jumped on it. I guess I have started my Christmas or birthday shopping for my son's gifts a bit early.

Note, it has been on for over 10 hours now, they probably do not have a lot left - so if you need it you had best hurry. I do not think there is a limit. Link:

They also have 1,000 rounds of lake City M855 for $419.99, link:

That is about the last bit of ammo I can buy this year. We are repairing both of our chimneys and having our kitchen and bathroom remodeled and those will not be cheap. I hope the wife never finds out how much I have spent on ammo since this past January, with the passage of the NY SAFE Act, and the current costs of ammo, but it is a last ditch effort. After January 2014, it will become illegal for we New Yorkers to buy ammo online. Fuck Cuomo - he is not just another libturd - he is an exemplary one - a real piece of liberty and rights smashing shit.

All the best,
Glenn B

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