Sunday, January 13, 2013

House On Journal News Map of Pistol License Holders Burglarized

One of two suspected burglars has been arrested after allegedly breaking into a White Plains home that was listed on the interactive map of Westchester County's pistol license holders - that controversial map having been published online by the Journal News. It is suspected that the alleged burglars may have utilized that map to pinpoint their targeted house. Why is that suspected? Well, you see, they allegedly attempted to break into the gun safe located in that house. See:

That map was one heck of a fine piece of work by the Journal News, don't ya think? Oh that's right, maybe the folks at the Journal News did not bother to think of the consequences of publishing that information but then I would bet none of them were on that map. I think that the folks who work there can be exceptionally proud of themselves, for being pure assholes, if their map was used even in part, by the suspected burglars, to target the firearms in that particular home!

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