Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The New Medicine Cabinet - Not Installed Because... is broken. The door is pushed in, in fact so far in and twisted just enough, to have me slightly amazed that the mirror did not break. I contacted Home Depot via email, about an hour ago and they have already replied (wow that was very fast) saying I can return it at a store or via UPS. Going to the store will likely be easier so, this evening, after dinner, I am off to Homer's to return this one, get a refund and look for a suitable replacement in store. They have a very small selection of junk in the store, but even at a higher price than most in the store this one was obviously junk too. I wish I knew where to get a well made one for a couple of hundred, to maybe $300. I have seen many made of real wood but starting for around $750 but sure am not going to pay that for a small medicine cabinet. I would be better off making one myself and if I knew how to make a mirrored door I certainly would give it a try. Oh well, off to Homer's soon to see what I can get so it is installed before Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I will be in the doghouse for sure.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Have you considered a local high school shop class? They have projects that upperclassman create. Maybe you could get one done per your photo requirements for cost of wood and little else.

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