Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If I Were Wishing For More Bullshit Claims of Racism...

... to be spread by the Mud Slinging Media, I would hope that the shooter, written about in the linked article, was white. Her alleged assailant was black. It just happened recently, so not much on it yet. You see, I imagine that if she, the shooter, is white, the news reports will soon be out about claims that the family believes she had enticed the man, likely to be described by them as their little angel (reportedly a convicted felon and registered sexual offender), into her home under the pretense of a good time just so that she could shoot. Why? My guess would be because they will say she is a racist - why else! You will probably also hear that stand your ground does not apply because she ran and was not standing her ground and she could have kept running (well maybe not but maybe so). We also are probably destined to see pictures of the alleged criminal looking like an altar boy, complete with a halo over his head and to see pictures of the shooter looking like a redneck. Bear in mind, all that applies only if she is white (or maybe of Asian decent).

I may wind up surprised - maybe the shooter will be white but the alleged criminal's family will be righteous and look beyond that to actually say something like they think he was a no good, low down, dirty rotten scoundrel who lived a life of crime and it would be good riddance if he dies from his wound. Somehow, I doubt it.

Hat tip to Sharp As A Marble and Corned Cat - Scratching Post.

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