Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 2012 Presidential Election - Is The Fix In Already

The arrogance of president Obama is beyond compare. We keep hearing him blatantly stating, as if he knows with absolute certainty, things like: 'when I am reelected', 'in my second term' and so on. Well, maybe it is already a given fact that he will win . How? By a new means never before seen in our country throughout her history. Reportedly the counting of our votes no longer will be handled on the precinct level, the responsibility to count the vote has been assigned to a private company, one based in Spain (that bastion of an honest democratic process). All this from an eye opening report from Michael Savage. You may not like Savage, he may be a bit too much for you but I have to say he usually gets his facts correct. Listen to the audio:

If this is true, we need to protest the vote before even one ballot is cast.

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Glenn B

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Anonymous said...

Listening to this has made me better prepared to accept Romney's upcoming defeat. Thank you for sharing.