Monday, November 8, 2010

You Tell Me - Do You Agree That There Is Something Very Wrong With This Video?

I am a member of the North American Hunting Club, mostly to get their magazine. They send a lot emails to me some with hunting hints or tips and others just outright annoying - mostly the latter with advertisements. Tonight I received an email from them with the subject line: "Video: Woman In Woods Fends Off Attacker". So I take a look by clicking on the video screen in the email. That takes me to another website with the video.

The video is obviously not a news or documentary type I thought it might have been before going to it. It is instead, a pretty cheesy advertisement for a Green Laser Sight. In it the woman is walking through the woods, a bad guy is hiding in the woods near the trail, he gets the jump on her and is holding a knife and is only about 10-15 feet from her max, she drops the binoculars she had been peeping through, goes to her purse, opens it, pulls out a pistol with the green laser sight and points it at the guy with the knife, who as I said is probably not more than 10-15 feet from her if that far away. Then it turns into a commercial that is, in my opinion, one much akin to those alarm company commercials on television where the alarm going off startles the bad so so much he just about pees then flees and the alarm saves the day. Watch it, you will see what I mean.

Then answer me this: Am I right when I think - There Is Something Very Wrong With This Video, As In The Message It Is Sending?

I just may have to unsubscribe for the NAHC emails after this one!

All the best,
Glenn B


GreyBeard said...

First off, the internal laser on my Glock is pretty much invisable in full daylight or partial shade.
(though it is red), second, it looks like he was a bit to close for comfort when she noticed him.

Glenn B said...

Well I guess the commercial is trying to show their laser as bright in broad daylight, who knows maybe it is, maybe not. As for a bit too close, holy cow I would have been blasting as I was backing off to seek cover.

I have to say though, while I think this is one heck of a lousy commercial, I also see that it has potential as one heck of a good training film of what not to do. Let's see - think of it as me or you doing this: I want to go for a walk in the woods alone, so I am going to carry my pistol - good point they get one merit point for that. I am strolling along totally oblivious to the sounds someone is making while he trudges through the same undergrowth trying to ambush me - 1 demerit for that. I am strolling along totally oblivious not only to sounds but to sights - another demerit for that - I mean I never once look around (except to look up when I hear a bird twittering) but just focus on the way ahead - that is absolutely ridiculous in any situation. I drop my binoculars on the ground at my feet instead of throwing them at the bad guy - another demerit for that. I stand my ground like a total dimwit instead of making distance and seeking cover from an armed assailant - another demerit for that. I draw my weapon, and point it at the guy then just stand there without shooting when he is an obvious threat with an obvious deadly weapon in his hand and he is way too close - another demerit. I do not verbally challenge him in a loud and commanding voice to not move and drop the weapon - another demerit (may as well have done this since I did not shoot). The list could probably go on.

In my opinion, this would make an excellent training film of how not to act when faced by an armed intruder.

Maybe the North American Hunting Club should stick to things they know, like hunting, and forget about endorsing or advertising or promoting products for purposes other than that. As for the company making those lasers, maybe they ought to find someone else to make or approve their commercials!

All the best,
Glenn B