Monday, February 26, 2007

It Was A Quiet Sunday... least for me. I got some small chores done on Sunday morning, and spent the rest of the day at leisure. Took care of my critters, went to the monthly Long Island Herpetological Society meeting, came home, had a nice dinner with the wife and son, watched some TV (way too much), really enjoyed The Dresden Files and Battle Star Galatica, and am up right now way too late (or would that be way too early) at 1:36 AM, on Monday morning waiting for sleep to overtake me as the snow is overtaking everything outside. Gosh darned insomnia stinks, and it happens now and then, lately more now than then. Probably because I dread going to work, especially on Mondays, and since I am eligible to retire. So I usually have a hard time of even getting tired Sunday nights through until about 2:00AM on Mondays. If I was a real drinking man, I'd have a 2nd glass of Scotch, but I think one should be enough - I don't need bad habits and crutches to finally hit the hay, sleep comes sooner or later. If it comes too late, I'll go in late and work later than usual. Maybe I ought to try a hot cocoa or an herbal tea, or maybe just crawl under the covers next to the wife and wait. Decisions, decisions. Oh well, goodnight.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Will said...

I'm a fan of both The Dresden Files and Battlestar Galactica. Don't worry about being up late. Who needs sleep anyway?